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Two ways to live

Welcome to St. Stephen's Community Church website

St. Stephens Community Church is at the heart of Bentilee in Stoke on Trent and not just geographically.
As a church we take very seriously the word of God and His heart for our community. Our teaching is both contextual and relevant to everyday life.
Our outreach and services are totally inclusive; we are cross generational, cross cultural and embrace people from all backgrounds and abilities.

All in all we are a fun and vibrant church with lively worship and a passion to serve our Lord and King, our brother and co-heir, our saviour and redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to look around our website and to visit us whenever you like, we guarantee you a warm welcome.

Latest Video Check out the latest video addition...Yahweh

Service times for the coming weeks...
We meet every Sunday at 10:30am for worship, prayer and word. All are welcome.
Our Church Vision...
Vision Statement

That every person in our community and city that we serve may become followers of Christ (Matthew 28:19),

and we as a Church will seek to Honour God (1 Samuel 2:30)
and one another in all that we do (Romans 12:10)

Sharing the work

Encourage everyone to find their purpose and potential in God’s Mission (Ephesians 2:10)

by developing shared leadership and responsibility
(1 Corinthians 12:12)
in the life of St Stephen’s to promote long term sustainable growth.

Our Commitment

We desire to see this vision bear fruit (John 15)

and become a reality because we seek to Love God more daily, love each other more sincerely, and love this world
as God does.
(1 Corinthians 13)

Bible Verse of the day...

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